ProSport Physical Therapy & Performance has partnered with Ray Roman & Balance Point Therapy to provide Integrative Sports Acupuncture. This treatment compliments physical therapy and has proven effective for athletes who are looking to decrease pain, increase ROM, improve neuromuscular activation and quicken recovery/healing times. This partnership is a unique blend of Western & Eastern healing philosophies providing an individualized approach to restoring "Balance" within the body. When "Balance" is restored - strength, power, speed, agility and proprioceptive awareness improve decreasing the chance of injury and boosting performance during game situations.

“I have been an elite level athlete for over 15 years. Starting as a gymnast and now a Crossfitter and Olympic Weightlifter, you could only imagine the number of injuries I’ve had. Since I married a PT and I am also in the medical field, I truly value integrative and holistic care over treating under just one methodology. Ray’s comprehensive approach has kept me on the field through injuries I thought would surely sideline me. The most amazing component of his treatment philosophy is definitely the education you leave with. The better you can fully understand your injury and treatment, the quicker you will resume your normal activities. Thank You Ray!”

--Tiffany Everett U.S. Olympic Weightlifter



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