Caroline Janik Wong

"I’m pleased to share my ProSport story.  Thanks to everyone at ProSport PT!

It wasn’t a tragic accident or major medical scare.  Simply, someone with 40 years of wear and tear on their knees doing something boneheaded.  Let’s face it – we’ve all been there.


I tore muscles around my left knee by jumping off an 8 foot retaining wall – yhea, it was stupid – something I would have done when I was 20, and back then my knee probably could have taken the blow.


Not this time.  Within three days of the fall my knee and surrounding leg tissue swelled to the point where I couldn’t walk or weight bear on my left side.  A leg brace, series of wraps (hot & cold), pain meds and crutches followed.  And every day my leg got weaker.  I tried to walk several times, but the pain and swelling would come right back. 


It was the day after New Year’s and I woke up to glare at the crutches by my bed.  I had had enough.  I wanted to get better asap, but I wanted to do it the right way: safely using techniques that would provide long term benefits to my health and strength.


That’s when I started at ProSport.  The amazing PTs and trainers started the process simply.  Just helping me flex, increase my range of motion, and the smallest bit of resistance training.  Pretty soon I was hopping (still of crutches) around the ProSport facility – standing tentatively on the “bad” leg, regaining some strength, working on my balance. 


Then – the big moment!  My leg was feeling great (thanks, Annie!!) and my trainer Andrew suggested we do some leg presses.  The weight machine was about 5 yards away and I said “I think I can walk over there”.  Andrew, with a huge smile of encouragement, simply said “Try”. 


I walked the short distance to the weight machine and it was awesome – amazing!  Not just the feeling of freedom and the confidence to ditch the crutches, but the way it seemed like the whole facility – PTs, trainers, even other clients, were cheering me on.  Joe cruised by, patted my foot and said “Atta Girl!”


After that day, the trainers and I kicked it up a notch.  Increasing reps, weights, every new challenge proved to be fun and rewarding.  On my last day, I even got to practice on a sliding board just like the NHL players!


My knee is better – almost 100% -- I can bike on Newport Coast and go ice skating with my nieces again.  I still do the exercises I was taught at ProSport (and yes, Danny, I am keeping my abs pulled in!) when I work out to keep my legs strong – with the added and unexpected benefit of looking a bit better in my favorite jeans!


I am sincerely grateful to the managers and staff at ProSport.  Thank you for rehabilitating my injury,  helping me return to an active life, and creating a fitness routine wherein I can weather accidents, aging – or simply stupid maneuvers – more gracefully."