Deborah Harris

"In May 2006, after a full week of testing including several invasive tests (I think I experienced every test imaginable!), I was finally diagnosed with ALS/ Lou Gehrig’s disease.  Then, in June, my neurologist indicated it was time to start physical therapy.  He decided to recommend ProSport Physical Therapy.  He also indicated that ProSport was where he preferred me to go to receive my therapy.  Another incentive was they were conveniently located close to my place of business.


Although I know now that my disease was a novelty to them since it is quite rare, one would not have thought this with the level of treatment I received from day one. The staff at ProSport has been so attentive.


Lee and Erin worked as a team with me until Lee relocated to another state. I started to look around at the other therapists, trying to decide which one of them I could spiritually connect with and they with me. They all seemed so wonderful and experienced. This made it very hard to choose. Then, I was drawn to Jason (Jay) Villareal with such a strong connection. I asked Lee if Jay could be my new co-therapist. Lee asked and Jay accepted me as one of his clients. I have never regretted making that choice. Jay and Erin work very well with me as my body continues to go through so many changes due to ALS. The rest of the team, including the aides (to name a few: Evan, Heidi, Danielle, Allan, and Sarah) always greets me with a smile and encouraging words.


In 2007, I participated in my first annual Walk to D’Feet ALS. ProSport was extremely supportive by attending the walk and decorating my wheelchair which won first prize (thank you, Evan!).


I look forward to going to therapy at ProSport most of the time. On the days I don’t feel up to it, I’m yet to regret arriving there. I walk in the door and all of my apprehensions dissipate. I get a feeling of warmth when I walk through the door. If I’m crabby, they make me forget why I’m crabby. If I’m down, their smiles lift me up. Their attention to detail makes me appreciate them even more. Their professionalism makes me feel so safe when I’m there going through my exercise routine, and when they are massaging or assisting me in any way. My family and friends who have attended my appointments with me are very pleased and appreciative of ProSport and their staff.


I am overwhelmingly grateful to my doctor for choosing ProSport for my physical therapy. Thank you, ProSport, for all that you have done and continue to do to enable me to be active and deal with this new chapter in my life."