Donna A. - Avid Paddling and Tennis Player

Suffering from bilateral shoulder rotator cuff tears and just escaped surgery and was referred to this place by the best orthopedic in town, Michael Shepard.  I was very fortunate that I got Laura Scott, the clinical director of the place as my PT.  Prior to her, I had gone to two other PT places (and was quite disappointed) where the PTs either only did manual therapy and very little exercise or the other way around.   Well at Prosport, they really give you the whole enchilada.  In two months, I've gotten enough strength to get functional and soon will be back to my sports of paddling and tennis.  Laura is amazing and her PT aides, Katie and Aubrey are remarkable ladies.  The PT aide is just as important as the PT if you ask me.  Laura has a gift for diagnosis and biomechanics plus she is so conscientious and really focuses on healing you.  She does so many modalities, including KT taping and applies what is needed. 
What is impressive about this place is they are not concerned about how much time it takes to do the manipulation plus the exercise plus the icing/stem.  There are days when I am there 1.5 hours because I need to really perfect the exercise form (Katie won't let you cheat!). You can tell by the atmosphere and vibe there that the patients are motivated and the staff super caring, and very high energy.  Even the place is very energetic, a big well lit area and every tool/PT bands are neatly organized with plenty of space for everyone. Then there is a gym behind for when you are ready to hit it hard!

I love this place, the people there - Laura, Katie, Aubrey and the front desk ladies too!