Gabe G. - Long Beach Police Detective

"I wanted to send a quick thank you to you and your staff for the great work you all do.  I just finished up rehabbing my knee for the second time in about a year.  This was my third experience with you guys over the years and I'm always impressed by the professionalism of everybody at the clinic.  Every member of your staff shows their passion for PT through their friendly attitudes and genuine interest in the patient's progress.  I've had some interesting jobs over the years and I've learned that keeping morale high among the workers is no easy task.  Every one of my appointments was challenging but entertaining because the staff always had a great attitude toward their jobs.


Please pass on to Ashley what a great job she does.  She shows great attention to detail.  She always pushed me to work hard while making sure I left each appointment feeling more and more confident in my knee.  She is enthusiastic and a great asset to your team.  Please also say thank you to Jackie, Ryan, Dusty, Kyle, Chris, Scott, Caroline, Katie, Ali and all the other smiling faces that keep busy there every day (hopefully I remembered everyone that worked with me).  Each one of them gave me their utmost attention and never let me slack on those stinking glute prep exercises!  I even had the pleasure of making friends with Lee, who took the time to encourage me one day while I was gasping for breath on some step-ups. 


I could go on and on with stories about how your staff impresses me but, ultimately, what I want to say is thank you to all of them and they are to be commended for their fantastic work.  Sorry for the old fashioned email.  I'm behind the times and don't spacegram, tweeterface, or instabook so I'll count on you pass along the pat on the back in person instead of social media.


Good chance I'll injure myself doing something else only dummies do in my line of work so you can pretty much count on seeing me again... sooner or later!"