Gina Cerato - Professional Ballerina

"I am a professional Ballerina, Ballet Teacher and certified Pilates Instructor. I have been performing professionally for over 20 years. Of course I have had some speed bumps-injuries in my career. ​Pro Sport has helped me through them.​​

I first went to ProSport in 2002 with a mysterious foot problem. They kept me up and dancing until the doctors finally figured out the problem. I then had surgery on the foot and everyone at Pro Sport took care of me and took me through a speedy recovery. 

In 2011, I came to need Joe and his staff at Pro Sport again. I recently had ACL reconstruction. Just after one week, I was back to teaching. I am now back to dancing and look forward to continuing my career due to the great therapy I received at Pro Sport.

In the future, if I have more injuries, I will definitely be going back to ProSport!”