John Gallagher

“ I am extremely thankful for the recommendation I received to go to the team at ProSport Physical Therapy for my rehabilitation. Initially, I had a knee surgery for a tear in the articular cartilage in my knee. I chose a relatively new surgical procedure and entered physical therapy quite nervous about their knowledge of that surgery. ”


To my welcomed surprise, they were quite familiar with it, and had already helped a few professional athletes with the rehabilitation of the same issue. For the next 6 months they answered my questions, and guided me through a smooth recovery. Their knowledge and experience gave me the confidence to push at the right moments, and pull back in others.


Once the knee was rehabilitated, I gained the confidence to have an old shoulder injury looked at. An MRI discovered a Labrum tear that was painful and restrictive. The surgery went well, and I was back in physical therapy to reclaim the strength and flexibility that I had pre-injury. The road to full recovery with the shoulder was hard work, but now I have full range of motion with an arm that I can use without restriction. As a self-employed person, ProSport worked with my schedule, and budget to maximize my therapy dollars. I greatly appreciated their efforts on that front.


In both cases, the road to full recovery took a great deal of commitment, both

physically and mentally during my therapy sessions. On the days when I wasn't at my best, the team would give me the kick in the butt or the pat on the back that I needed depending on the day. From the therapists who worked directly on my injuries and developed my plan to success to the trainers who guided me through the exercises, I am deeply grateful for their efforts."