Nancy Kohler

"In October 2008, I had a freak fall at home and broke my elbow.  I had surgery to put a metal plate in my arm along with 8 screws.  After my surgery, I decided to go to the physical therapy office that was associated with my doctor.  In hindsight, that wasn't a good decision.  The physical therapist had many years of experience, but he was too aggressive in his approach which caused the screws in my elbow to loosen.  I had to have a 2nd surgery on my elbow in December 2008 to reinsert the metal plate and screws.  This time, through recommendation of my brother, David Kohler, I decided to go to ProSport in Rancho Santa Margarita for the follow up physical therapy.  I remember my first appointment was with Robert Spang.  I was paranoid to have any physical therapy at this point because I was in fear of having to have a 3rd surgery on my elbow if it did not go well.  Robert was so nice, understanding, professional, and patient with me.  He clearly saw that I feared physical therapy in the worst way.  My arm was around a 43 degree angle so he had his work cut out for him.  He needed to make progress on my elbow and straightening my arm while not being too aggressive initially.  After a few sessions, I came to completely trust Robert and his abilities.  He knew exactly what he was doing and he would spend whatever time he needed to make sure my elbow was progressing in the sessions.  I have no pain to this day in my elbow.  I learned that who does your physical therapy is just as important as the doctor who performs your surgery. 


In January 2010, I had the hardware removed from my elbow and went back to ProSport for a little more physical therapy.  ProSport has become a family affair as my entire immediate family has all gone there for treatment within the last few years.  My brother, dad, mom, sister, and myself.  ProSport is the only way to go!  It's the best!  I appreciate all that you have done for me and my family!  Thanks!"