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CORONAVIRUS UPDATE 3/20/20: ProSport Physical Therapy Maintains a Healthy Environment for Patients

To Our Valued Physical Therapy Patients:

At ProSport Physical Therapy & Performance, we are committed to providing you with exceptional patient care and will remain open to support our patients needs. Rest assured, we continue to take every precaution in reducing the spread of the Coronavirus and are diligent in disinfecting our facilities, screening patients for recent travel and illnesses, as well as keeping our team healthy.

While the new California order from Governor Newsom asks residents to stay home, we want you to know that the state considers your physical therapy care to be an "essential business." ProSport is committed to your overall health and wellbeing and will remain open for your care.

Please feel free to reach out to our clinics with any questions pertaining to your care. We are confident our clinics are safe and we will remain open to serve your physical therapy needs.

Yours in good health,

Your ProSport Physical Therapy & Performance Team

Joe Donohue, PT, CEO | Dr. Carlos Prietto, Chief Medical Officer

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