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Are You Feeling Stiff from Sitting Through Zoom Meetings All Day?

Here are some exercises you can try at home to address posture and get you feeling better.

•Slide 1- Sunrise salute: Ready to take a break? Sit up tall, bring your arms together in front of you then up and overhead. Next turn your palms outward and bring your arms back down to your side focusing on bringing your shoulder blades together.

•Slide 2- Open books: Laying on your side, bend your legs to support your low back. Bring your arms out in front of you. With your top arm, open to the opposite direction as far as you are able to. Key tip: Make sure your eyes follow your thumb too.

•Slide 3- Wall angels: Standing at a wall make sure your upper back and head are in line and touching the wall. Bring your arms out to the side and raise them up and down as if you were making a snow angel. If possible, keep your arms and wrists touching the wall. You should feel this in your upper back.

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