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Co-Contraction...What is it and How Can You Benefit?

Co-Contraction is a simultaneous action of antagonistic muscles. Muscles that act in opposite direction of the same joint - much like the hamstring and quadriceps in this exercise. ⁣

The point of these exercises is a maximal voluntary contraction. Muscles on every side of the muscle should be contracting as hard as possible – even without producing movement.⁣

Strength can be achieved by being trained in joint specific positions where necessary. Improving those areas can rapidly elevate performance and movement efficiency. ⁣

Developing positional strength awareness is paramount in an athlete being durable and prepared for more complex movements for sport or more advanced training.⁣

Add this to the exercise tool box and see the benefits for yourself and your athletes.

Shout out to @hyperthriveathletics for the inspiration

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