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Importance of the Posterior Oblique Sling

The posterior oblique sling consists of the latissimus dorsi, the thoracolumbar fascia, and the glute max on the opposite side, forming one diagonal muscle group. It is not only very important for generating force in sprinting and during the back swing in golf, but it can also play a role in creating stability for the Sacroiliac joint in your low back. By anatomical design, the Sacroiliac joint is already very stable, but after childbirth or a significant fall onto the tailbone, people can become hypermobile (joint moves excessively) and can be a source of irritation. Strengthening this muscle group together can be very important to enhance stability.

In this video we have one of our awesome patients performing a squat with a contralateral arm row. We are biasing her left glute by putting her left heel up on an elevated surface. As she squats down she is using her lats and scapular retractors to row simultaneously. This diagonal muscle contraction can help cause a force closure of the SI joint and increase its stability.

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