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Local Firefighters Need to Recover After Fighting California Fires

In honor of the hard work that our local firefighters have done in order to fight the forest fires all over the state of California, we wanted to take a moment to recognize one of our own!⁣

Rick is a firefighter who is rehabilitating his Shoulder arthroscopy at the ProSport office in Mission Viejo.  In his current phase of recovery, he is working on shoulder endurance and stability as well as strength and power.  ⁣

In the first video, you can see him perform the waiter’s carry where he is required to engage both his abdominals and his scapular stabilizers in order to support the 10 lb plate in the overhead position. ⁣

In the second video, he requires *power* to push the medicine ball into the trampoline along with core control & strength to catch the ball and repeat!  We are also focusing on his cardio so that he is prepared to return to work in a few short months! ⁣

Our firefighters have a very physically demanding job and are keeping us all safe during these California wildfires.  We feel honored to be a part of Rick’s recovery!

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