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The Barbell Suitcase Deadlift

Anti-Lateral Flexion exercises such as the barbell suitcase deadlift, loaded carries or any offset type exercise should be in your training for yourself or athletes to help play a role in creating a resilient core. ⁣

Much like other lifts, individuals often go too heavy in lifts such as this one. Check the ego and create a foundation for long term success of human movement. ⁣

To safely and effectively perform this move focus on: ⁣

1. Shoulders in the optimal position to perform the lift ⁣

2. Spine neutral to prevent unnecessary stress ⁣

3. Drive the legs with a lot of quality effort to lift the weight up from the floor effectively ⁣

Finally - set attainable goals through the use of a detailed game plan of what needs to be done to move optimally.

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