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Traditional Dead Bugs are Great for Anti-Extension

ProSport Sports Performance Director, Matt Camargo, shares the importance of Dead Bugs

Traditional Dead Bugs are great for anti-extension. But had to get some of the MMA guys some variation. I like performing Dead Bugs this way time to time as it causes a different training stress than the normal variations of Dead Bugs. The focus is the same: ⁣

Focus on high quality reps AND keep that low back against the ground while extending all limbs away from the torso. ⁣Don’t sacrifice form by compensating with poor technique.

Aim for movement efficiency.

Depending on your why as the strength coach, be sure to understand the adaptation you are chasing. Know when it’s important to focus on movements that move through different planes of motion. ⁣

Most exercises are never necessarily bad, but there can be bad implementation of exercises from the strength coach if there is too much bias and fixation on one method of thinking when it comes to performance training.

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