Steve C. - Irvine Police Department

"I recently completed my physical therapy program at the Laguna Hills location.  I want to thank the entire staff for a wonderful experience there.  I am very happy to report that I am in far better condition after physical therapy than I was before I started.  You have a fantastic crew there, and it was a pleasure to get to know the staff.  From the time I walked in and was warmly greeted by Lacy and Lupita, to the ice treatment at the end, it was a great and professional experience.  It was also a great opportunity to learn a lot about my body and health, which will be beneficial for me forever. I got healthier, stronger, and even lost 20 pounds during my four months there.  

Alyssa Matheson was my physical therapist.  Kevin and Laura filled in when Alyssa was not there.  Everyone was  great.  You are lucky to have such fine professionals to represent your business.  I am so thankful to Alyssa for the improvement she has brought me to.  She is fantastic at what she does.  She knew my body much better than even I did. She knew exactly where my pain was and knew exactly what to do without even telling her.  She knew my pain thresholds very precisely and knew what I needed.  She was also a great motivator.  She was very reassuring and encouraging when I needed it.  

I don’t think I realized it until recently, but it was an emotional therapy too.  I needed the encouragement and the tips Alyssa gave me when I was down.  My injury had taken a mental toll on me too.  I was really worried that I would miss an extended time from work.  She got me through all that and I have not missed any work due to my injury.  That has been my goal and Alyssa made it happen.  I am still making progress and am getting closer to recovery.  I am so much better physically and mentally.

I also want to thank all the assistants; Cory, Kyra, Katie, and Audrey who worked with me the most.  I want to thank everyone else too that I have not mentioned.  I will miss my buddy Cory and our talks about sports and other stuff.  The assistants were all great instructors. They all made sure my form was always correct during my exercises.  They kept me working hard and it paid off.   
Who knows, I might be back at some point for more therapy.  Either way, it was important for me to express my thanks so the staff can be properly recognized for the great work they do." 

                         --- Thanks again, Steve C.