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Dear Scott,

It's been a year since my ACL replacement surgery and the beginning of my physical therapy with your team. Thank you to you Scott, Marley, Morgan, the Allie's, Yessenia and everyone else in your office who helped me persevere and cheered me on.


The initial pain from the surgery was difficult to work through. However, your regimen was structured to test what I could do, and advance the healing of my injured knee step-by-step.


It worked! You talked me through discouraging setbacks. The exercises you introduced me to are still part of my weekly training. I am jogging with my dogs five days per week, and I continue with yoga a couple times a week to help with flexibility and strength.


Thank you for believing in my ability to rehabilitate. I have recommended you and your team numerous times.


                               --Jennifer W. (Read Jennifer's Full Review...)


3 Steps For Returning To Physical Activity After



The following tips are designed to help people return to fitness after a typical case of COVID-19. Around 10% of people infected with COVID-19 will have problems that linger for months after the infection is gone. These individuals are called long-haulers, and the condition is known as "long COVID" or PASC, which stands for Post-Acute Sequelae of SARS-CoV-2. If you have symptoms of long COVID, contact your primary care doctor before starting an exercise program. Long COVID may include other health complications that require labs, tests, or imaging, before being referred to a physical therapist for an evaluation and treatment specific to your condition. Note: Exercise may not be appropriate for everyone living with long COVID. Learn More


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