Jerry Brooks - Triathlete

“I had very specific parameters in choosing a surgeon: 1. they had to be athletes themselves 2. they had to be fit 3. they had to be no more than 50 years old 4. I needed an independent practitioner and not someone who was part of a huge group and 5. they absolutely had to be skilled and knowledgeable in the use of zirconium oxide (ceramic) for the prostheses as I had done extensive research on which materials to use and knew ceramic was the only choice for me. After personally interviewing 12 surgeons, I knew I had found the right doctor in Dr. Mark Newman when he was the first surgeon to ask me “What are your goals?” In July 2002 I had a total knee replacement on my right knee with a ceramic prosthesis.


Now I had to find the right rehab center. Dr. Newman initially referred me to another P.T. clinic; however, ProSport came highly recommended by other athletes. Again, I had specific parameters I needed for my postoperative care: 1. the staff had to have an athletic mentality regardless of their individual fitness levels and 2. I needed people who would find out what my specific goals were and would work towards them with me. I knew I was in the right place on my first visit to ProSport Physical Therapy. I had Brian Frank as my first therapist who was excellent! With the help of Brian’s care and the rest of the staff at ProSport, I was able to return to competitive triathlons on a new right knee! However, as time went on and after 2 failed arthroscopic surgeries on my left knee, I now needed a 2nd total knee replacement; this time on the left knee.


Again, I turned to Dr. Newman and in August 2007, I had my left knee replaced using the same ceramic materials that worked so well for me the first time around. This time I knew right where to go for physical therapy. I worked with Jason “Jay” Villareal. I cannot say enough good things about Jay especially when the first question he asked me was, “What are your goals?” I was impressed with the entire process at ProSport. I liked the attitude of the staff; they were attentive, intuitive and knowledgeable and knew when to advance my exercises. We had agreed in the beginning that I needed to be pushed and they did just that in safe manner.


It is November 2008 and I have now completed 7 more events with bilateral total knee replacements. In those 7 events I have placed 5th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st place in my age group. I have done 2 time trials, the most recent being 28:05 at the Santiago Canyon Time Trial on 11/8/2008! In all I have completed over 36 triathlons with my new knees. I see Dr. Newman every 6 months for x-rays and to date there is no damage to the prostheses. Two total knee replacements later, I am back in action and feel 100% plus! I was so pleased with the care I was given and would absolutely recommend ProSport Physical Therapy to anyone, athlete or not. From the top on down to the entire staff, everybody is outstanding. If you want to return to your active lifestyle and athletic competition, ProSport is the place to help you get there!”