• Annie Bellitti, PT, DPT


Are you experiencing pain and swelling on the outside of your foot? Are you having difficulty walking? You may have a stress fracture, commonly known as Jones Fracture. This is a repetitive stress type injury commonly seen with runners.

A Jones Fracture is a stress fracture of the 5th Metatarsal at the metaphyseal-diaphyseal junction. They are often the result of repetitive stress built up over time. These fractures can be slow to heal. There is a high incidence of non-union due to poor blood supply in this area. This is different from an avulsion fracture (Dancer’s Fracture) where the insertion of the Peroneus Brevis pulls the bone or a fracture of the distal metatarsal.

Mechanism of Injury:

This is an overuse, repetitive stress type of injury. Injury occurs with a repetitive load applied under the metatarsal head over a relatively short time such as in running.

Contributing Factors:

  • High arch

  • Increased loading of the lateral foot possibly due to alignment of the lower extremity