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Texting Syndrome aka Text Neck aka Bad Posture can cause upper back pain, shoulder stiffness, chest tightness, nerve pain, and headaches. Text Neck symptoms can also be associated with prolonged time at the desk or computer. This typically does not happen over night and is a result from the accumulation of poor postural positioning over weeks, months, to years. 1️⃣ Forward head position - tight neck muscles, compressed neck joints and discs, nerve irritation 2️⃣ Rounded upper back - overly stretched upper back muscles, disadvantage in shoulder blade muscle recruitment, tight chest muscles 3️⃣ Rounded shoulders - compressed shoulder structures, limiting true shoulder range, impingement, rotator cuff degeneration, nerve irritation 🔑Key Points🔑 👉🏻Sit up taller! Nice and easy shoulder blade squeeze and a light chin tuck will go a long way. Being in a "good posture" position more frequently throughout the day will take pressure off your joints and limit unnecessary wear and tear on your body. 👉🏻A ProSport Physical Therapist can assess your postural deficits and manually address specific restrictions. They will also work with you to find your zone of sustaining good posture and become more body aware. Prescribing and dosing therapeutic exercises will also be key to sustaining normal healthy body. This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for diagnosis or treatment.

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