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Preparing Your Muscles and Joints to Avoid Injury

A reprint shared by Hoag for Life Fall 2020 Newsletter - Featuring ProSport's Samantha Baumler, PT, DPT, ATC, TPI2

While the return to some sports for student-athletes may be delayed due to the pandemic, Hoag and Hoag Orthopedic Institute Sports Medicine physicians remain committed to help get athletes back to doing what they love safely and effectively, both on and off the field, at the right time.

As both youth and adult athletes look at returning to their sports, David Gazzaniga, M.D., sports medicine orthopedic surgeon and head team physician for the Los Angeles Chargers NFL team, shares that ramp up time over at least two weeks is crucial for returning to activities safely.

“When your muscles and tendons have been dormant for a while, it takes a ramp up period that you have to work your way through in order to prevent soft tissue damage,” Dr. Gazzaniga shared. “It’s important that all athletes, even teenagers, slowly build cardiovascular stamina and strength to their tendons and muscles over a period of time leading up to performing at full speed.”

Eugene Yim, M.D.<