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ProSport is a Covid-19 Safe Zone

ProSport Physical Therapy & Performance is a Covid-19 Safe Zone. Our team members follow strict protocols to protect themselves and our patients/clients. Upon entering, you will notice the following:

• All employees are wearing protective masks, and gloves are available

• We follow strict guidelines on screening team members/patients/clients for

recent travel, illnesses, and taking temperatures. If a patient/clients tempera-

ture is over 100.4F they will not be able to receive physical therapy treatment

in the clinic or performance training on the turf

• Our on-going protocol for disinfecting before and after each patient/client

through our "wash-in/wash-out" program

• Diligently disinfecting all surfaces within the clinic and turf area

• Social distancing our patients/clients during treatment and training (minimum

of 6-feet apart)

If you prefer to stay at home, we also provide secured HIPAA compliant

TeleHealth Physical Therapy treatments, as well as online sports performance training programs. Either way, we’ll get you back to what you love.

Thank you for your compliance - Your ProSport Team

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