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ProSport Supports Jessie Rees Foundation

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Thank you to everyone who donated to @teamnegu and the #jessiereesfoundation for the #joyjars project!

ProSport was able to bring over 300 donated toys to the NEGU facility thanks to the generous donations from our patients and staff during the month of December! These toys will be sanitized, packaged, and delivered to children fighting cancer in hopes of bringing a smile and encouragement to them during their fight.

About Jessie Rees Foundation:

The long term vision of the Jessie Rees Foundation is to become a national symbol of HELP and HOPE in the childhood cancer space, so every kid fighting cancer and their family have the support, encouragement and resources to fight!

Jessie was diagnosed with cancer on March 3rd and decides three weeks later to help other kids that fighting cancer. CBS News follow Jessie's story. The first JoyJars are stuffed and the term "NEGU' (knee-goo) is born. The foundation is founded and first NEGU GOLF Classic is held. Both "JoyJars" and "NEGU" receive trademark protection. Learn more at negu.org

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