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Tendonitis. What is It and Can it be Prevented?

Tendonitis can be pain at or around a joint that gradually or suddenly turns into severe pain at the affected area. Stiffness or loss of motion in the affected joint may occur with tenderness and mild swelling or thickening at the joint.

But what causes tendonitis? Some potential causes can be:

  1. Extreme and regular physical effort such as an intensive sport raining schedule

  2. Sports such as tennis, basketball, swimming, cross country, baseball, softball, etc. may cause tendonitis in some joints

  3. Repetitive movements like throwing, kicking, running, jumping and gripping may have an impact on the joints

Can tendonitis be prevented? Yes, to some degree:

  1. Progress activity resistance, intensity or duration slowly and steadily

  2. Warm up before strenuous activity

  3. Stretch before and after exercise. Stretch again at the end of the day after long practices or competition

  4. Be proactive about icing after exercise

  5. Use proper posture and form

  6. Take breaks. Have active recovery days from your sport by waling or doing yoga

  7. Strengthen and condition tendons regularly through resistance training

What is the recommended treatment?

  1. Rest. Avoid activities that increase pain and swelling of the joint

  2. Ice. Apply ice to the affected area

  3. Compression. This helps to cease swelling

  4. Elevation. Raise the affected leg/arm above the level of the heart

  5. Stretching

  6. Soft Tissue Mobilization

  7. Gradual loading of the tendon

  8. Taping

As with any injury, consult a licensed physical therapist or your sports doctor for proper for an evaluaiton.

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