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Unilateral Plyometrics is a Great Way to Recover from Knee Injuries

By Coach Matt Camargo, MS, CSCS, CPT, Director of Sports Performance

When wanting to recover from knee injuries or elevate single leg power/explosiveness incorporating a variety of unilateral plyometrics is needed. ⁣

This single leg plyo variation is one of my favorites due to its effectiveness and simplicity in equipment needed. You can use a line such as this on a turf or court - as well as use a cone set up. Not only is it beneficial cause it is being done one leg at a time but it’s also more than just a standard single leg hop. The ankle, knee and hip joint all have to work while performing this slight zig zag line hop. ⁣

Make sure the athlete has a good foundation of strength. From there you can introduce to the athlete a progression of plyos to master. ⁣

Teach the positions needed⁣

Progress the positions taught ⁣

Master a wide range of variations ⁣

Lastly, focus on being quick off ground each rep.

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